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Biofuels Under the Spotlight As Industry Goes Head-to-Head With NGOs

The subject of biofuels has aroused passionate debate amongst biofuel producers, environmental groups, academics, the media and the farming community. Is the production of biofuels causing deforestation? Do biofuels really offer environmental benefits? Representatives from all sides of the argument will go head-to-head for the first time in what promises to be a heated debate at the London Biofuels Conference, on Tuesday 29th April 2008 at Olympia.

The conference will culminate with a chance for all those with an interest in biofuels to put forward their opinion, in a high profile debate moderated by Radio 4 presenter Sarah Montague. Representatives from Biofuels Watch, Greenpeace, the Renewable Energy Association, D1 Oils and Imperial College (tbc) will be putting forward their arguments before opening the debate out to the audience.

As well as the debate and networking opportunities, a number of speakers will be exploring topics such as the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation, sustainability criteria, 2nd generation biofuels, biofuel market drivers and global biofuel projections.

Speakers include:
Jim Fitzpatrick – Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Transport
Rupert Furness – Department of Transport
Doug Ward – Renewable Energy Association
Andrew Barnard – Grainfarmers
Doug Parr – Greenpeace

To register for the London Biofuels Conference, or source further information, you can visit or call 0208 846 3792