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Zero-emission water delivery by Modec

Natural mineral water from beneath the chalk hills of Hampshire is now being delivered to restaurants and hotels by zero-emission Modec van.

Hildon has become the first natural mineral water company to purchase and take delivery of a Modec light commercial vehicle, powered by the latest lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle has been integrated into Hildon’s distribution fleet and will primarily be used for deliveries of bottled water within the London area. Hildon is so happy with its first Modec van it has already ordered a second.

Modec has provided Hildon with a bespoke box van with a raised floor and roof. This configuration enables a totally flat floor with no wheel arch intrusions, ideal for the loading and transportation of heavy, palletised products.

Debbie Jones, Environmental Manager for Hildon Ltd said: “The Modec vehicle was purchased as part of our continued drive to become more environmentally friendly, and to reduce our carbon footprint. The success of this battery powered, emission-free vehicle has meant we have been able to take a diesel HGV off the road. As to the future, we, as part of our environmental strategy, have already placed an order for a second Modec vehicle, which will be in operation later this year.”

Gordon Harvey, Modec Sales Manager, said: “The Hildon vehicle is a great example of how we are able to tailor our vehicles to suit our customer’s needs. We’re delighted that we have been able to support Hildon’s wider CSR outreach and we look forward to working together again in the future.”