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Magtec hybrid and electric vehicle drives save 30% on fuel

Magtec hybrid technology for bus and truck operators

New hybrid technology is now available from Magtec which can save 30% on fuel for bus and truck operators.

The Member of Parliament for Sheffield Attercliffe, Clive Betts, visited Magtec in Sheffield to see at first hand the latest drive systems for buses and trucks.

After a welcome from Managing Director Marcus Jenkins, Betts saw the company’s most recent diesel-electric hybrid vehicle, a 7.5-tonne delivery truck. This is nearing completion and will be on Sheffield’s roads shortly. It is one of a growing series of vehicles currently being developed by Magtec.

Betts, seen sitting at the wheel of the Magtec truck discussing its benefits with Jenkins said, “This is a technology that all vehicle producers and operators should be considering as fuel costs rise and concern about environmental issues increases.”

As Jenkins explained: “Compliance with the most stringent emissions regulations can be enhanced and engine efficiency can be increased by adopting a hybrid system, because energy that would otherwise be wasted is recovered into a battery during braking and can be used again.”

Betts and Jenkins discussed the recent publication of the Yellow School Bus Commission report during the visit. This report recommends the introduction of US-style yellow school buses for transporting pupils to primary schools across the UK to alleviate road congestion during busy school runs; to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; and to provide added security and safety for school children. Jenkins was keen to point out that if the government adopts the Commission’s recommendations, hybrid systems should drive the buses to counterbalance their own environmental impact.

Magtec’s drive systems are on show at the Euro Bus Expo 2008, 4–6 November, at the NEC in Birmingham.

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