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Better economy with Fiat eco:Drive

Fiat claims that its eco:Drive technology can expect to change driver behaviour and cut fuel costs and emissions by up to 15 per cent.

eco:Drive downloads information about the way the car is being driven – including speed, gear changes, acceleration and deceleration – to a data stick plugged into a USB port inside the car. Drivers can then transfer this data to their computer via a free tool available from Fiat’s website, which enables them to see for themselves exactly how their driving style is affecting performance and emissions.

A series of tutorials also advises on techniques that drivers can adopt to reduce fuel consumption, so cutting costs, and sets targets for improvements, per journey and over a set period. Each time new data is uploaded to the site, the performance is graded so that drivers can chart their progress.

“Drivers can see exactly how much fuel they are using and what emissions are being generated by their driving style,” says Adam Pumfrey, Fiat UK’s Fleet and Remarketing Director. “Then they can receive advice on how to reach targets for improvement.

“In a fleet market context, individual drivers making small savings can have a positive effect in reducing the overall fleet carbon footprint and generate significant cost savings across the business.”

The website also features eco:Ville, an online community that shows drivers how other users are doing, along with the global CO2 savings that are being generated.

eco:Drive is currently available on Fiat Grande Punto, 500 and Bravo models. For more information about eco:Drive, and to see how vehicle fleets could save money, visit the website: