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NICE Car Company resumes trading

London’s electric vehicle specialist, NICE Car Company, has resumed trading as the London sales arm of AIXAM-MEGA Ltd, maker of the MEGA e-City electric passenger vehicle and the MEGA Multitruck range of ultra-light electric and diesel commercial vehicles.

AIXAM-MEGA Ltd acquired the assets of NICE after it went into administration in November and has confirmed that the terms of ownership for existing customers will remain unaffected, with warranties remaining intact.

Following the closure of the NICE showroom in West London, AIXAM-MEGA Ltd will operate NICE as a direct sales arm for the London area. A servicing facility and small admin office will continue in Ladbroke Grove, whilst all other administrative tasks will be performed from AIXAM-MEGA Ltd’s headquarters in Rugby, Warwickshire.

AIXAM-MEGA Ltd is the UK subsidiary of the French AIXAM-MEGA company, which makes and distributes a range of innovative light weight vehicles worldwide. Outside London, the MEGA branded e-City car and Multitruckranges, as well as AIXAM branded small lightweight passenger vehicles, are sold and serviced via a network of specialist dealers and aftercare outlets.

Lawrence Holland, general manager of AIXAM-MEGA Ltd, said: “We are fully committed to developing the market for ultra-light electric private and commercial vehicles across the UK, and regard NICE as an important part of our growing sales network.

“We have retained the key aspects of the NICE car operation, enabling us to make the transfer of business as seamless as possible. MEGA drivers should be reassured that, from their perspective, it is now ‘business as normal’ at NICE Car”.

“If the UK is to keep moving the environmental agenda forward in the face of the economic downturn, we need to encourage businesses, public sector bodies and individuals to consider a move to electric vehicles for repetitive short hop transport. These cars are ideal for commuting and as pool cars for any urban firm providing a local service, such as estate agents, solicitors, barristers, and so on. As well as their obvious benefits in terms of lowering CO2 emissions, they can also considerably reduce the cost of motoring while improving life in densely populated areas both in terms of noise and air quality.

“We will be talking to local and central government as well as business users to see how we can promote further growth in infrastructure as well as broader acceptance of the benefits of these cars”.