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The Electric MyCar is Here

The electric MyCar is now available in the UK. The two seater electric ‘coupe’ certainly looks distinctive, and has much improved styling and equipment levels over rival electric cars such as the G-Wiz.

The MyCar arrives in the UK at a time when the world is going electric car crazy. Major manufacturers are racing to bring electric cars to market, however the MyCar is here today and costs just £9,995.

Be aware that the top speed is just 38mph, and the range is 35-60 miles depending on usage. It takes five hours to recharge the lead acid battery. If you can live with all that, then get down to evstores in Park Lane, London and take a look.

The MyCar is half the weight of the lightest production car, so helping to reduce its environmental impact. And of course the MyCar comes with all the benefits of electric cars – no Congestion Charge, free road tax, and free parking in central London.

The MyCar has been under development for five years starting with the original styling concept by Giugiaro in Italy. The electric drive system was developed in Hong Kong with the help of the Polytechnic University and manufacturing is now under way in a dedicated plant in China. It will be the first of a range of products to be introduced by Hong Kong’s first car manufacturer.

Studies are in progress to assemble the MyCar in London before the start of the Olympics.