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e-motive Electric Scooters

e-motive electric scooters

e-motive electric scooters has launched in the UK with a range of three zero-emission two-wheelers.

The e1, e3 and e5 debut models use the latest electric motor and battery technology, are road tax exempt, and cost as little as one pence per mile to run.

The e-motive range is offered through a 25-strong nationwide network of dealers. Through this increasing network, potential customers will be able to test ride e-motive models and get specific advice from factory-trained technicians who inspect and prepare every scooter before delivery.

The scooters come with a two year unlimited mileage warranty, along with two year AA roadside assistance, plus full after-sales servicing and dealer support.

Plug-in Scooters

Simply plug the scooters into a standard socket at home or the office and they’ll cover up to 80 miles on a single charge, reaching speeds of up to 65mph. With running costs of around 1p per mile, the average daily UK round trip commute would cost just 20 pence.

The e1 classic-looking urban scooter can manage 40mph and travels up to 50 miles on a single charge. The e1S, costs just £1399, the e1 costs £1999 and the e1+ costs £2249.

The modern, sporty mid-range e3 can reach 55mph and travel up to 70 miles on a charge and costs £2999.

The top of the range e5 is capable of travelling up to 80 miles on a single charge, can reach a top speed of 65mph, and costs £3999.

e-motive Managing Director, Paul Williams, said: ‘We are thrilled to be the first brand to make electrically-powered vehicles a real option for ordinary people in the UK.

‘Until now, the drawbacks associated with owning electric vehicles meant they have been reserved for the most committed environmentalists. But the reliability, rideability and all-round consumer package that comes with these scooters finally makes owning and running a zero-emissions vehicle affordable, supremely practical and desirable.

‘The obvious green credentials and quality of the e-motive range, coupled with incredibly low running costs and the ability to travel an impressive distance on a single charge, will make them an attractive proposition to anyone who’s fed-up with the rigours of the daily commute.

‘But it’s the establishment of a nationwide network of professional dealers that sets us apart from the rest. For the first time, buyers will have the backing of solid, ongoing service and not simply be left to fend for themselves if anything goes wrong.’