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Mazda to use Toyota’s hybrid technology

Mazda Kiyora

Mazda isn’t seen as a leader in green cars at the moment but the company says that is set to change due to the introduction of a range of green technologies, and a partnership with Toyota to bring hybrids to market.

The company says that by 2015 the average fuel economy of Mazdas will be 30% improved, with family cars having the emissions of today’s superminis .

This will be achieved thanks to improved aerodynamics, retuned powertrains, a concerted focus on reducing vehicle weight and the gradual introduction of new technologies such as i-stop (Smart Idling Stop System). Mazda is referring to this technology as SKYTECH and elements of this will start to appear in less than two years time.

Mazda’s short-term focus is to significantly improve efficiencies delivered through a traditional internal combustion engine platform. However the company has also announced that it has reached an agreement with Toyota on hybrid technology, in order to combine a hybrid system with SKY1 engines, and aiming to start sales of a hybrid vehicle in Japan by 2013.

Mazda will use Toyota’s hybrid technology, as used in the Prius, under license.