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POD Point home EV fast-charger

There is now a solution to charge electric vehicles at home 2.5 times faster than a normal domestic socket.

POD Point Home is the UK’s first domestic fast-charge solution, charging EVs 2.5 times quicker than with a normal home socket. The POD Point Home uses the very latest 32 amp ‘Mode 3’ fast charge technology and is fully compatible with the existing, and next generation, of electric vehicles.

For drivers of the very latest EVs, the POD Point Home offers Mode 3 fast-charge with a captive cable and a J1772 gun or with a Mennekes socket. POD Point also has a ‘Mode 1’ option to supply electric vehicles that only support the standard domestic rate of charging.

POD Point Home can be fitted in either internal or external locations like driveways or behind front-garden walls. It’s compact and has a clear digital LCD display and colour-coded illumination zone at the base of the unit to easily identify the state of the charge.

Public POD Points are already installed nationwide. Data from its public charging network shows EV drivers display a ‘grazing’ behaviour when charging; plugging in on public charging points between 8am and 5pm but rarely in the evening, confirming the majority of EV drivers find the easiest and most cost-effective way to get juice back in their batteries is by making the most of the cheaper overnight rates of electricity and charging at home.

Through its Intelligent Charge Scheduling, the POD Point Home allows users to set charge cycles to only occur during these low-tariff periods leading to greater energy cost-savings without too much pre-planning.

POD Point is a UK-based company with all POD Points manufactured in the UK.

The POD Point Home will be revealed at the Low Carbon Vehicle Show 2010 at Millbrook in September and will be on sale before the end of the year.

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