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Peugeot EX1

Peugeot EX1 breaks acceleration records

Peugeot’s EX1 two-seater electric roadster concept car has smashed three acceleration records which have stood since 1971.

The EX1 340 bhp four-wheel drive concept car yesterday set six new world acceleration records for a vehicle weighing less than 1000kg at the Montlhéry circuit in France.

Accelerating faster than a supercar, the all-electric Peugeot EX1 smashed the quarter mile, 500m and 1000m speed records previously set by Georg Von Opel in an Opel GT Electric in 1971. The car then went on to set three new speed records over 1/8 mile, half a mile and 1 mile.

The EX1 is a two-seater roadster based around the design cues of a number of previous Peugeot concept cars. It’s designed to be as efficient as possible in the areas of weight, aerodynamics and propulsion.

It’s powered by two electric motors, one located at the front and the other at the rear of the vehicle. Together they produce a peak maximum power of 340 bhp with a constant torque of 240 Nm at the front and the rear.

Unlike the design of a “classic” roadster, the EX1 concept car is instead based around an architecture which is shaped like a “water droplet”, with the rear wheels set close together. This design enables the size of the EX1’s passenger compartment to be reduced for optimal weight distribution and help reduce the overall vehicle weight.

The EX1 has a garage that is also designed to be an independent recharging station which is free of any “cabling” constraints. Its roof contains solar panels that use daylight energy to create electricity which is then stored in a “storage” battery, ready to recharge the EX1 when required.  A battery charger adapted to operate on a range of renewable energy sources is also available.