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Correctly inflated tyres could save 1 million tonnes of CO2


Michelin has been on a mission to show how much money we all waste on fuel bills by having incorrectly inflated tyres. The result is that nearly 5,000 motorists have saved an estimated £70,000 a year on their fuel bills.

During summer the company helped 4,753 drivers save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions as part of its annual Fill Up With Air campaign. The event, which has been touring the UK since May and shows drivers the importance of keeping tyres at the correct pressure, has reduced the annual CO2 emissions of participating drivers by around 145 tonnes (these figures are based on 4,753 cars driving 12,000 miles per year at 35 mpg, with fuel costing £1.18 per litre).

This also equates to the 4,753 drivers reducing their annual fuel consumption by more than 12,700 gallons and saving them around £70,000 a year on their fuel bills. This is in addition to increased tyre wear and the added costs of replacing incorrectly inflated tyres more frequently.

Based on these sample figures, if every car in the UK was running on correctly inflated tyres then the country could save £440 million pounds on fuel and reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 1 million tonnes a year (based on 30 million cars driving 12,000 miles per year at 35 mpg).

As well as the negative environmental impact, driving with the wrong tyre pressures can affect a vehicle’s handling, putting the safety of its occupants and other road users at risk. It also puts more stress on the vehicle’s steering and suspension components leading to possible wear and additional maintenance costs.

In addition to the environmental effects, the Fill Up With Air campaign found that more than 37 per cent of drivers in the UK were running on dangerous or very dangerous tyres (dangerous: between 8 to 14psi under-inflated; very dangerous: more than 14psi under-inflated), and more than 5 per cent of motorists were driving with at least one punctured tyre.

This Fill Up With Air campaign ends as the cold weather approaches and drivers should be considering fitting winter tyres to their cars. After the snowy weather last year, increasing numbers of manufacturers are now offering drivers the opportunity to change to winter tyres.