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Move About Electric Car Sharing

THINK Move About Carshare scheme

The European ‘Move About’ electric car sharing scheme has just signed up its 1,000th member.

Move About provides electric cars for businesses and individuals. The company now operates the largest fleet of shared electric vehicles in the world.

The service allows one member company the ability to provide transport for 150 staff with just 5 cars. Individuals who need a vehicle just use the system on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

Move About launched the world’s first corporate electric car sharing fleet in Oslo in December 2008. In March 2009, a service was launched in Gothenburg.

Pay-as-you go car sharing with electric vehicles has since been launched in Oslo and Copenhagen.

Of the 80 vehicles in the scheme, 79 are THINK City models, representing one of the largest EV fleets in Europe.

The THINK City can maintain speeds of 70 mph and travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. In total THINK has now sold approaching 10,000 EVs, accumulating 35 million zero-emissions road miles to date.

You can read more about the Move About scheme here – the site has UK, German and Swedish versions, representing the core markets for its services.