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This vehicle may look identical to the Renault Twizy , but the four-wheeled electric scooter actually has a Nissan badge.

Nissan says that the ‘ New Mobility Concept ‘ is just that – a concept – even though the version from Nissan’s EV development partner Renault is virtually production ready.

It’s a quadricycle rather than a car, and the idea is to combine the benefits of a scooter and the zero emissions of an electric motor with safer four-wheeled platform.

As with the Twizy, it’s a two-seater that is intended for city use, over short distances. The range will be much shorter than the 100 miles of the electric LEAF hatchback , which has a larger battery.

Nissan sees this vehicle as playing a part in linking people with public transport services in cities.

The company also has a vision for it being used by individuals in the mornings and evenings, and being re-used by businesses during the day – hence some sort of car sharing scheme will be required.

It may all sound a bit crazy, but the all-electric Nissan LEAF sounded crazy a couple of years ago, however the actual production vehicles are now being built and the LEAF is an excellent car.