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Smart forspeed


The Smart forspeed is a two-seater electric concept that will be on display at the Geneva Show.

The forspeed has no roof or side windows and it features a low wind deflector instead of a windscreen.

The rear-mounted electric drive has been further developed and features a boost function.

The second generation smart fortwo electric drive has been on trial with customers since the end of 2009 in 18 countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, France, Switzerland, the USA, Canada and in Asia, with 1500 vehicles being produced.

smart has collected extensive customer feedback from this experience that has been integrated in the development of the smart forspeed’s electric drive – better performance being a key area of improvement.

The smart forspeed accelerates from 0 to 37 mph in 5.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 75 mph. A 30 kW magneto-electric motor is installed at the rear of the smart forspeed. Pressing a button in the centre console activates a boost function which provides an extra 5 kW of power for a short time for overtaking.

The smart forspeed is powered by a lithium-ion battery that delivers 16.5 kWh and can be recharged at any conventional 220 volt socket. A fully charged battery is sufficient for 84 miles of driving (NEDC). Quick charging from 0 to 80 percent takes just 45 minutes.

The forspeed’s wind deflector incorporates photovoltaic cells which feed solar power to the on-board electrical system.