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Kia Rio


If you’re fed up with high fuel prices and you want a high mpg car, then the Kia Rio is set to be the most economical car you can buy in the UK, being capable of achieving 88 mpg, along with emissions of just 85 g/km CO2.

The Rio will come with a choice of three- and four-cylinder engines, with a 70 to 109 PS power range.

Standard Rio models will have a CO2 rating of 94 to 124 g/km. In the UK, these figures can be further reduced by specifying Kia’s optional ISG technologies (automatic stop-start, advanced alternator control, upgraded starter motor and low-rolling resistance tyres) – available on selected UK models. Equipped with ISG, the Rio’s emissions will range from 85 to 114 g/km.

Standard transmission for both diesels and the larger petrol engine will be a six-speed manual gearbox, while the 1.25-litre 85 PS petrol engine has a five-speed box. A four-speed automatic gearbox will be available as an option on the 1.4-litre 109 PS petrol engine.

To help with lowering its fuel consumption and emissions, although the new Rio is a significantly larger car than the third-generation model, along with having extra equipment, its weight-gain has been kept to a minimum.

Revealed at the Geneva Show, Kia’s all-new fourth-generation Rio will be available for the first time with a choice of 5-door and 3-door bodystyles.

The 5-door version of the new Rio will go on sale in the UK from September with the all-new 3-door model on sale from early 2012.