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NCP installs electric charge points throughout London

Electric car charging socket

NCP, the UK’s largest car park provider, has completed the installation of 34 electric charge points in car parks across London.

As part of its collaboration with Transport for London’s ‘Source London’ – a campaign to create a city-wide electric vehicle charging network – NCP has installed charge points across the whole of its London estate (not including car parks owned by London Underground).

In partnership with Transport for London (TfL), NCP has played a key part in providing locations for the network, which aims to install approximately 1200 charging points across London, 100 of which will be in NCP car parks by the end of March 2011.

Discussions are also taking place with other UK cities to develop a national network of charge points for electric vehicle drivers.

Currently electric vehicle drivers have to register in each separate borough they want to use charge points in, but once Source London has been launched, drivers will be able to sign up for the scheme online. The network will create a single visual identity for electric driving across the capital, allowing its members to charge their vehicles at any one of the public points for no more than a £100 annual fee.

In preparation for the new network a website,, has been launched to provide a ‘one stop shop’ of information on electric vehicles, including charge point locations across the city.

The campaign, headed up by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, forms part of the Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan published by the Mayor, aiming to increase the number of electric vehicles in London to improve air quality as EVs produce no emissions at the tailpipe and up to 40 per cent less CO2 than their diesel and petrol counterparts.