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500 mph in an electric car

The Bluebird Electric car awaiting its speed trial

The Bluebird team is aiming to smash the 500 mph barrier in an electric car, and the next stage is breaking the UK Land Speed Record over 2/3 July 2011.

The speed trial, on the 4-mile stretch of beach at Pendine Sands, South Wales, is part of the preparations for an attempt in 2013 to break 500 mph.

The Bluebird Electric car – which set eight UK Electric Land Speed Records including the UK outright record a decade ago – is being used as a test and development vehicle to try differing battery technologies and drive units.

This will allow the team to evaluate and develop the right package to take the project forward toward to its goal of 500 mph in an electric-powered car.

The current car is undergoing re-engineering work on the chassis and aerodynamic improvements to the body before test and trials begin on Pendine Sands – site of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s first ever official World Land Speed Record.

The runs will commence from 1.00pm on Saturday 2nd July and 2.00pm on Sunday 3rd July 2011.

Don Wales will drive the car and is following in a family tradition started by his grandfather, Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE and continued by his Uncle, Donald Campbell CBE.

Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the speed record nine times in various Bluebird cars powered by both Napier and Rolls Royce engines.

Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Records set at Pendine Sands

– 25 September 1924 – 146.16 mph

– 21 July 1925 – 150.766mph

– 4 February 1927 – 174.88mph

He achieved 301.12mph in 1935 on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.

His son, Donald, continued the record breaking tradition and broke the 400mph barrier in a turbine powered Bluebird.

Don Wales, nephew of Donald, holds a World Land Speed Record, two American National Records and eight UK records.