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Renault has revealed details of its latest electric concept vehicle, called FRENDZY.

It is designed to be a commercial business vehicle which can double up as a car, so meeting the requirements of business users and families. The passenger side is intended to represent the world of work, and the driver’s side to be the world of the family.

The FRENDZY is fully electric with an asymmetrical body, with features such as a BlackBerry PlayBook which controls a 37-inch digital screen on the sliding rear door, unique ‘sound signatures’ inside and out, fabric roof that adapts to the shape of bulky objects, magnetic fixings to allow loads to be secured to floor, a slate board in the rear cabin for children to sketch on, a touch-sensitive pad which slides out from the driver’s seat for rear passengers to watch movies, and two-colour ambient lighting settings to differentiate family and work time.

On the passenger’s side, there’s no glazing or centre pillar, just one conventional door and one sliding side door which incorporates a 37-inch widescreen display – representing the world of work.

The driver’s side has central opening doors, and represents the world of the family.

The FRENDZY has a large external screen that can display messages or information (such as “making deliveries” or “back in five minutes”, the battery-charging method or the remaining charge) or advertising messages, either whilst parked or on the move.

The FRENDZY has the same powertrain as the Kangoo Van Z.E., but extensive work has gone into the sounds it produces, in particular customising the sound for safety reasons, notably at slow speeds. In the case of the FRENDZY, the aim was to produce a custom sound which corresponds with the new concept car’s aim as an “office on wheels”.

Renault will display the FRENDZY at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show later this year.