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Lexus GS


Lexus has unveiled the new GS , which will be launched in the UK in 2012, and models will include the GS 450h full hybrid .

The company promises that the new GS will offer a more engaging driving experience, along with bolder design and a more spacious, contemporary interior. The new grille is set to be a signature feature of all future Lexus models.

Although exterior dimensions are virtually unchanged, cabin and boot space have both been increased; luggage capacity has been increased by almost 25 per cent, which should be a help in the case of the current GS 450h model, which has a particularly small boot thanks to the space taken up by the battery pack.

The new body is more aerodynamic, with a wider stance and stiffer structure. The revised platform is more rigid compared to the current model thanks to an increased number of spot welds, and adding laser welds in very specific locations. The track, wider by 40mm at the front and 50mm at the rear, is combined with a revised suspension design incorporating aluminum components.

There’s also a transmission with quicker changes and a distinctive engine sound and exhaust note.

Inside, a new energy-saving auto climate control system called S-Flow uses an occupant-detection system to focus airflow only to the front area where passengers are actually seated, a first-in-class technology.

Lexus unveiled the new GS at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California.

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