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96 g/km CO2 Honda Insight hybrid


The Honda Insight hybrid
currently emits 101 g/km CO 2
, meaning it isn’t exempt from the London Congestion Charge by just 1 g/km, which is crazy, so it’s with relief that a new 96 g/km CO 2
version is finally coming.

The revised 5-door hatchback achieves lower CO 2
emissions through enhanced aerodynamics and powertrain efficiency. Reduced engine friction, changes to the CVT transmission and improved air conditioning all contribute to lower fuel consumption.

These changes not only mean that the 2012 Insight will qualify for exemption from the London Congestion Charge, but it also falls into the lowest VED band, meaning owners will pay no annual road tax. The new figures also ensure that the Insight remains in one of the lowest groups for Benefit in Kind taxation.

For 2012, the Insight also receives a refresh of the exterior design, including a new front grille. At the back, visibility is increased through the introduction of a slimmer spoiler and a modified tailgate, and a reduction in the size of the wiper motor.

Adjustments have also been made to the engine and suspension for an overall improvement to ride comfort and stability, and interior quality has been enhanced.

The 2012 Insight will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.