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RAC Green Grand Prix at Silverstone


The RAC is to stage a ‘ Green Grand Prix ’ at Silverstone on 12 October 2011, in which
will be competing.

Competitors will be driving the latest electric (EV), plug-in hybrid and E-REV cars in a series of challenges to establish the UK’s most energy-efficient driver.

The RAC Green Grand Prix will put drivers through eco driving track tests on the Stowe circuit at Silverstone along with a 14km road route driving assessment and eco theory test.

Results from the 2010 RAC Future Car Challenge, a Brighton to London eco rally, showed that driver behaviour can dramatically affect the energy consumed by new technology cars. With ‘range anxiety’ one of the most common fears for potential buyers of new EV vehicles, maximising driving efficiency and managing energy consumption is a key to owning new technology cars.

A team of professional instructors will teach a range of driving techniques from throttle control, correct braking, use of gears and momentum to manage their driving efficiently.

Cars supplied from a range of manufacturers will be fitted with data loggers which record the energy consumed by each driver, evaluating how their eco driving performance has improved throughout the day.

Adrian Tink, RAC Motoring Strategist said, “Like any new car, if you want to get the best performance out of it you need to know how best to drive it – for new EV cars, that means maximising energy efficiency. RAC has long promoted efficient driving, especially with fuel prices at record highs, and every driver taking part in the day will learn skills they can transfer into their everyday driving.”

Teams from the media, RAC members and competition winners from the public will compete for the RAC Green Grand Prix Trophy, with the highest placed member of the public earning a seat driving RAC’s car in the November RAC Future Car Challenge.

Some high performance electric cars will also be on hand for demonstration laps so passengers can experience electric sports cars in action.

The event is managed for the RAC by Silverstone based motoring specialist agency Motion Works.

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