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Suzuki at the Tokyo Motor Show


The Suzuki stand at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show will include a number of green exhibits including the REGINA – a next-generation global compact car with excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions thanks to light weight and good aerodynamics.

The REGINA weighs just 730kg and has a drag coefficient at least 10% lower than that of current models. As a result, it has fuel economy of at least 32 km/L (measured in the JC08 test cycle) and CO 2
emissions as low as 70 g/km (measured in the New European Driving Cycle) using a petrol engine.

Suzuki will also show the Q-concept, which is describes as two-seat micro mobility for everyday life. The Q-concept is an entirely new kind of mobility — one that’s positioned between conventional motorcycles and cars. With a 2.5-metre overall length and two seats in tandem configuration, it’s ideal for everyday journeys within a radius of about 10km.

In cities, the Q-concept is more practical than a car as it’s more manoeuvrable and takes up much less parking space. At the same time, a cabin makes it a more attractive, more comfortable option than a motorcycle.

Other Q-concept configurations are possible. For instance, the Q-concept can have a single seat for a parent at the front and a two-person child seat at the rear, or it can be configured as a delivery vehicle with a single seat at the front and a cargo area at the rear. So it offers new possibilities for people who live in towns where businesses, schools, hospitals and other essential facilities are all in relatively compact areas.

The Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid will also be on the stand: a compact electric vehicle with an engine-driven generator. A compact vehicle such as the Suzuki Swift is typically driven 20?30 km per day in Japan. The Swift EV Hybrid can cover such distances on battery power alone. And it can extend its range using an engine-driven generator.

Compared with an electric vehicle that depends entirely on battery power, the Swift EV Hybrid has a smaller battery that’s quicker to charge, weighs less, uses fewer resources, and costs less.

The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show will take place from 2 to 11 December 2011 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre.