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Pay As You Go electric vehicle charging network

POD point Pay As You Go network for electric vehicle charging

POD point Pay As You Go network for electric vehicle charging

A mobile phone and a charging point is all you need to charge your car.

The POD Point Pay As You Go (PP PAYG) network is free to join, has no monthly fee and only requires a refundable £10 balance for account activation.

The PP PAYG network will use SMS text to access charging points, and stop and start charging cycles, providing electric and hybrid vehicle drivers with the first nationwide, card-less charging network.

The PP PAYG network is based on the Oyster PAYG model introduced by Transport for London , which provides a seamless system allowing occasional passengers the same convenience as daily commuters, without the overhead of a monthly charge.

POD Point CEO Erik Fairbairn: “The case for nationwide PAYG is strong. Most electric or hybrid vehicle owners use public charge points occasionally, in areas they don’t visit every day – yet existing charging schemes are either regional, or charge a high monthly fee regardless of use.

The PP PAYG network will deliver a nationwide charging network that makes economic sense for electric and hybrid vehicle owners to join – and charge point owners will benefit from increased use of their charging facilities.”

New charging bays for
electric and hybrid vehicles

The PP PAYG network will have over 750 charge bays by the end of the year, making it the largest UK public charge network. By the end of 2012 charging points belonging to Plugged in Places regions such as Source East and Plugged-in-Midlands networks will also be accessible via PP PAYG network. From 2013 all newly installed POD Point charge points will be on the network, increasing the number of charging points to over 4,000 by 2014.

Registration (either online or by phone) involves providing credit card and mobile phone details and loading a refundable balance of £10 onto the account. Drivers can charge their cars within minutes of registration. Billing will be to the credit card provided on registration, and drivers will be able to monitor their account through a secure online portal provided by the POD Point network .

Many public charge points are currently free to use, but still require registration prior to use. A large number of charge points will remain free to use under the new PAYG scheme, but with the added benefit of being able to charge without a membership card or pre-registering days before. Details of the hourly tariff of each charge point will be displayed on an online “live availability” map at .

The PP PAYG network launches with the 200 charging bays that are already on the POD Point Open Network. By the end of 2012, Source East and Plugged-in Midlands charge points will be added to the PP PAYG network, giving the largest UK network of over 750 charging bays.

In 2013 it is expected that most existing PiP regions and councils, and newly installed charge points, will be on the PP PAYG network.

By 2014, the aim is to have at least 80% of all PiP public charge points accessible using the PP PAYG network (total PiP public charge points are expected to be about 4500).

POD Point systems use the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) – the industry standard for communication between charge points & back office, which ensures compatibility with all charge points that use OCPP.

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