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Renault Twizy now available with windows

Renault Twizy new window system

Renault Twizy new window system

The electric Renault Twizy is now available with a new window system.

The new system comes in two parts – a rigid metal frame which attaches to the door and a flexible, transparent ‘window’ which fastens to the frame by a zip.

It needs no tools to fit, can easily be removed by the owner and requires no bodywork modification to make the Twizy suitable for winter conditions.

An opening in the window provides access to the door handle and enables the transparent panel to be opened or closed. Two slits in the panel – one at the front and the other at the rear – ensure a sufficient flow of air to prevent the interior from misting up.

It takes just minutes to fit the new winter-proof accessory to the Twizy.

The new accessory goes on sale across the Renault network from the end of November for £295.

The Twizy is a fully-electric urban compact two-seater which is entirely zero-emission in road use. It comes in a choice of three trim levels: Urban, Colour and Technic. Prices start at £6,690, with monthly battery hire starting from £45 including VAT.

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