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Low Carbon London Nissan LEAF lease


Nissan LEAF

The Low Carbon London Programme, led by UK Power Networks, is bringing up to 50 new Nissan LEAF electric vehicles to London for 2 years. The programme’s electric vehicle (EV) project is looking to recruit organisations based within the M25, and has cars available for 24 months, provided as pool or company cars. The lease fee is just £299 (plus VAT) per month.

The EVs have a range of up to 100 miles, with top speeds of 90 mph. They seat five adults and have space in the boot. They are ideal urban electric cars, and are proving very popular with those who have had the chance to drive them, including fleet managers across the UK.

The electric vehicles also come with a free charging point installed at your work location (for lease agreements signed by the end of April 2013), as well as membership of Source London, giving you access to all of the public charging points across the capital and beyond. The monthly lease fee also includes breakdown cover and exemption from the congestion charge.

The benefits offered include:

• Recharging costs as low as £2.30

• No congestion charge

• Free work charging point

• Free charging at all Source London public charging points across London and beyond (currently over 850)

• 100% first year writing-down allowance

• No maintenance cost

• Significant benefit-in-kind taxation advantages

• Up to 30% lower co2 emissions, compared to a similar sized petrol or diesel car)

• No road tax

UK Power Networks is running the Low Carbon London EV project to better understand the impact on the electricity network of larger numbers of electric vehicles being plugged in to recharge. Charging patterns, including time of day, duration, location and energy transferred, will be monitored and analysed. The data collected will be extrapolated to model the impacts on the electricity network under various scenarios. Future Transport Systems, which provides specialist consultancy to help make sustainable transport a reality, is working closely with UK Power Networks to deliver the Low Carbon London EV project.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity some eligibility criteria apply. Please complete the questionnaire found here:
to join the project and be one of the first to drive the Nissan LEAF.

The electric vehicles are also available to individual drivers, but different conditions apply – please contact me to find out more at

More information is available on the project website:
and to see some of the other projects that Low Carbon London is running, visit