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British Gas Launches Free Nationwide Electric Vehicle Charging Package

vauxhall-ampera-008-f.jpg British Gas has launched its first free nationwide charging package to include a home charge point and access to the nationwide POLAR public charging network.

Thanks to the government’s subsidised funding scheme, British Gas is offering electric vehicle users nationwide the option of having a safer charging point installed at home for free. Those who take up this offer will also get access to the POLAR public network (an operating division of Chargemaster Plc) which will keep them charged up when out and about at no extra cost.

Available from 1st July until 31st March 2015, the package includes at no extra cost:

  • A free 16 Amp data-enabled charging point with a recommended connector that’s most suitable for your own specific vehicle. This will give you faster and more convenient charging at home
  • Home suitability survey and data enabled charging point installation. Survey and installation by a fully-trained British Gas electrician on the same day for your convenience
  • Installation of a dedicated circuit, separate from your home electrical circuit, allowing for faster charging that won’t affect your home electrics
  • Earthing connection for ensured safety, supplied as standard and in line with industry guidelines
  • Access and use of the POLAR public network until the end of March 2014
  • Three year data enabled charging point warranty and three year parts and labour warranty
  • Access to Chargevision online account management and smart phone app to help you keep track of your energy usage
  • Monthly network updates by email

Andreas Atkins, Head of Electric Vehicle Services at British Gas , said :

“This offer is a milestone for the UK’s electric vehicle market. The number of electric vehicles on the road is predicted to hit 1.5m by 2020 and the Government funding scheme which makes this offer possible is doing a lot to help reduce the cost of owning an EV even further.

“As the offer is open to anyone it’s a great time for the friends or family of EV drivers to install electric vehicle charge points at their homes. For example, if someone is making a regular journey to and from a relative’s house then having a charge point at both destinations could be worthwhile.”

British Gas is well placed to be at the forefront of the electric vehicle market and we can now guarantee that new and existing customers will receive the very best advice about safe and efficient charging, free of charge, as electric vehicles move more into the mainstream.”

In order to receive a free electric vehicle charging package, people can visit

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