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Renault Twizy Cargo Review


Renault Twizy Cargo

It might sound like the world’s most unlikely van ever, but you can now buy a Renault Twizy Cargo – an electric Twizy with the rear seat replaced by a 180 litre, 75kg lockable boot.

As a car-derived van, with fully recoverable VAT, it’s even £650 cheaper than the standard model, at £6,241. The VAT can also be reclaimed on its battery hire, from £36 per month (excluding VAT), making it even more financially attractive.

Following several successes in the commercial world ranging from fire and police forces to postal services, Renault will now offer a single seat version with a 180-litre storage area. Designed for business use, the load area is capable of accepting loads weighing up to 75 kilos and opens out to 90 degrees. The perfect solution for companies offering callout or support services, like IT support, with the boot taking a set of tools securely and safely. Or, even a stack of large takeaway pizzas. The load area can also be accessed directly via the cabin’s lockable door.

Ideal as a runaround in all conditions, whether they’re urban, suburban, rural or even large depot site use, the Twizy Cargo has a real-world range of around 50 miles. Once at its destination it can be topped up with charge simply by using a standard three-pin plug, by way of the in-built charging cable. Full charge takes just three and a half hours and costs only around a pound. Like its larger brother, Kangoo Van Z.E., it also provides businesses with the opportunity to showcase its green credentials using a zero-emission vehicle (in road use), as well as helping to improve air quality, particularly in cities, compared to internal-combustion engined alternatives.

The Twizy Cargo has very low running and charging costs, exemption from city centre charges such as the London Congestion Charge and even the VAT can be clawed back on battery hire.

The Twizy has a top speed of 56mph and an NEDC range of 62 miles – although this is likely to be closer to 50 miles in real-world driving.

Timed to coincide with the launch of its Cargo derivative, Renault UK’s ‘Design Your Own Twizy’ scheme is available to both private and business customers alike.

The Design Your Own Twizy (DYOT) configurator tool is now live at , allowing customers to choose their own design from a palette of 43 colours and 30 pre-designed wraps, as well as previewing what it would look like before proceeding. Those wishing to make their Twizy stand out even further can opt for a bespoke service, pricing for which is upon application.

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