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Gordon Murray Design’s T.25 and T.27 cars, along with the iStream manufacturing process, look like they have finally transformed into an end product, the MOTIV.e .

The company that has taken up Gordon Murray’s idea is Yamaha Motor Company. Yamaha has a history with two, three and four wheel technology.

The MOTIV.e is said to build on the philosophy of ‘quality mobility’ and incorporates Formula One heritage, inspiration from motorcycle design and the latest technology, with the aim of delivering a new level of personal mobility.

Yamaha chose Gordon Murray Design to co-operate in the design and development of the MOTIV.e which utilises Gordon Murray Design’s revolutionary iStream manufacturing technology. Yamaha and Gordon Murray Design both have Formula One and technology backgrounds.

The iStream manufacturing system incorporates Formula One composite technology which delivers new levels of lightweight, safety, vehicle dynamics and manufacturing flexibility alongside low environmental impact.

The MOTIV.e design reflects Yamaha’s heritage in high quality lifestyle products while introducing a technical and dynamic shape which is inspired by Yamaha Motor’s Motorcycle products. The iStream design is centered on a steel frame incorporating bonded composite monocoque panels to produce a lightweight, rigid safety cell. All-independent suspension and low unsprung weight promises to deliver new levels of ride and handling and it’s claimed that the all-new electric powertrain has been designed using ‘state of the art’ materials and technology.

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