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Launch of Air Quality Manifesto for London

Metrocab Range Extended Electric Taxi

London Mayor Boris Johnson has launched a new Air Quality Manifesto for London and inspected a new range-extended electric taxi.

Boris has called on the government and European Commission to match the capital’s ambitious plans to tackle air quality to help London meet EU limits for nitrogen oxide by 2020, rather than 2030.

To help achieve this, a new diesel cars levy was announced with drivers set to pay a further £10 to enter London Ultra Low Emission Zones from 2020.

Although many cleaner cars have come to market over recent years, the typical London taxi still produces high levels of emissions – in terms of both CO2 emissions and emissions that impact upon local air quality.

Commenting on this issue, Boris Johnson said: “In our Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ) all taxis are to be zero-emissions capable, which means drivers must switch over to electric drive when in the ULEZ. The aim is to have 7,000 zero-emissions-capable taxis on the streets of London by 2020, and now is the time to move forward with these technological developments.”

In order to address the taxi emissions challenge in London, Metrocab has developed a Range-Extended Electric (REE) taxi.

British designed, engineered and built to help London meet its air quality targets, the Metrocab from Surrey-based Frazer-Nash Research and Ecotive, is a new generation zero-emissions capable range extended electric-powered taxi.

The Metrocab’s REE technology delivers a range of 364 miles, typically saving a London taxi driver £20-£40 per day based on the average day and night duty cycle in the capital.

Frazer-Nash has also developed a revolutionary new Solar Charging Station model, demonstrating the company’s Concentrated PhotoVoltaic Technology, which converts light energy into electrical energy for charging the Metrocab lithium-ion polymer battery pack. The company is trialling a full-size system at its Surrey headquarters and intends to roll out the charging stations in London and other key cities around the world.

The purpose-built all-new Range-Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi is driven by two electric motors, range extended with a 1-litre petrol engine coupled with a generator to recharge the battery pack (which takes as little as 10 minutes while driving). Charging is also available via any mains electric outlet ensuring even lower fuel consumption.

Metrocab key features:

  • 100mpg and over three times more fuel efficient than comparable current London taxi
  • 75% less CO2 than comparable current London taxi
  • Less than 50g/km CO2
  • Over 364 miles combined range
  • Significantly lower running costs, typically saving a London cabbie £20 – 40 per day
  • Zero-emissions mode and home charging via standard mains outlet
  • Over 10 years in development and over a million engineering test kilometres
  • Six passenger seats (plus optional seventh passenger seat in the front)
  • Fully compliant with London Public Carriage Office (PCO) regulations

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