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Peugeot Exalt


Peugeot Exalt

Peugeot Exalt

The PEUGEOT EXALT Concept Car features a hybrid petrol-electric HYbrid4 powertrain with a combined output of 340hp.

The PEUGEOT EXALT saloon is powered by a plug-in HYbrid4 drivetrain with a combined maximum power of 340hp shared between the four wheels.

The 1.6-litre THP 270hp engine developed by PEUGEOT Sport is coupled with a six-speed automatic gearbox. The powertrain develops a specific power output of nearly 170hp per litre.

The multi-link rear axle contains a 50kW electric motor for electric or hybrid phases of operation. This motor is also used to recharge the battery through energy-recovery braking. On deceleration, braking is produced by the resistant torque of the electric motor. In this way HYbrid4 technology draws electricity from kinetic energy that would otherwise be dissipated as heat through the braking system. HYbrid4 can select the most suitable mode: all-electric, petrol-only or petrol-electric hybrid.

The PEUGEOT EXALT weighs 1,700kg. To improve the drag coefficient, the rear of the EXALT is trimmed in ‘Shark Skin’, an efficient textile that draws on biomimicry to create a technical grain structure that markedly improves the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and reduces fuel consumption.

The EXALT incorporates a HYbrid-kick Concept – a foldaway electric scooter stowed below the boot floor.