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Mercedes-Benz C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Mercedes-Benz C 350 Plug-in Hybrid: 134.5mpg

Mercedes-Benz C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Mercedes-Benz C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID

The Mercedes-Benz C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID will be available as a Saloon or Estate and has a combined economy figure of 134.5mpg. This equates to 48g/km CO2 in the saloon and 49g/km CO2 for the estate.

It has a range of 19 miles in electric mode and has a total system output of 279 hp and torque of 600 Nm from its four-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor.

However you’ll have to wait until summer 2016 for the C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID to arrive in the UK. Mercedes-Benz will be launching ten new PLUG-IN HYBRID models up to 2017.

Following the C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, the C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID is the second hybrid model in the new C-Class and the second Mercedes-Benz model to feature PLUG-IN HYBRID technology.

The high-voltage lithium-ion battery has a total capacity of 6.2 kWh, and is water-cooled, weighs around 100 kilograms and is mounted in a sheet steel housing underneath the rear axle.

The battery can be recharged in around 1 hour 45 minutes at a wallbox or at one of the growing number of public charging points. A standard domestic socket can be used, resulting in a charge time of around two hours.

Despite the space taken up by the battery, the C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID still has a boot capacity of 335 litres in its Saloon format, and of 350 in the Estate model or 1370 litres with the rear-seat backrests folded down.

Mercedes-Benz hybrid drive concept is combined for the first time with a four-cylinder petrol engine. The hybrid module of the standard 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS incorporates both the electric motor and an additional clutch between the combustion engine and the electric motor. When driving in all-electric mode, this decouples the combustion engine from the drivetrain.

The Saloon can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 5.9 seconds, while the Estate takes 6.2 seconds. The Saloon can reach a top speed of 155 mph and the Estate up to 152 mph.

In 2009 the world’s first standard-specification hybrid drive with lithium-ion battery made its debut in the Mercedes-Benz S 400 HYBRID.

The second-generation hybrid transmission premiered in 2012 in the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, the first diesel hybrid in the premium segment worldwide.

The C 350 PLUG-IN HYBRID is the latest hybrid model from Mercedes, following the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, S 400 HYBRID, S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID and S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID. In the years to come the main emphasis will be on plug-in hybrids.