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LowCVP Annual Conference 2018

LowCVP Conference 2018 – only 10 days to go!

LowCVP Conference 2018

LowCVP Conference 2018

The final agenda is now published for the LowCVP Conference 2018, which takes place on 12 July in London and looks at ‘people, policy or product – how far can consumers take the drive to zero emissions?’

Progress to a zero emission transport future depends not just on the availability of the right vehicles and fuels but also on the willingness and enthusiasm of consumers and fleet buyers to adopt them. Increasing consumers’ appetite for change through supportive policies, effective marketing and other actions will help determine the rate of progress, but will this be enough? Find out how experts view the ‘people, policy, product’ conundrum at the LowCVP’s 2018 Annual Conference.

Paul Clarke, Managing Director of Automotive Comms and Founder & Editor of Green Car Guide, will be on the afternoon panel session at 3.45pm.

The Conference will address what it’s going to take to bring consumers on the zero emission journey. What are the most effective ways to motivate car buyers and ‘mobility consumers’ to change their choices for the better? How do we capture their imagination and tap into what’s important to them? Is it possible to break-up their love affair with their fossil energy-powered car; or create such strong demand for zero emission public and private mobility that it shapes the industry for many years to come?

With less than two weeks to go until the LowCVP Annual Conference, don’t miss the opportunity to find out what leading industry experts think it’s going to take to bring consumers on the zero emission transport journey.

The Conference highlights include:

  • Results of AA Populus survey into consumer attitudes commissioned for the event
  • Real time delegate polling and interactivity
  • Leading speakers with action-oriented presentations
  • Networking opportunities
  • Post-conference VIP drinks reception, sponsored by National Grid, for all delegates, including MPs and leading public figures
  • Highlights of National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios to be published on the same day

Click here to view the full agenda for the LowCVP Conference 2018