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Honda NSX

Honda NSX updates

Honda NSX

Honda NSX

The Honda NSX hybrid supercar is receiving a range of enhancements for 2019.

The focus has been to enhance the dynamics of the car while maintaining its everyday usability. Honda has equipped the 2019 NSX with larger front and rear stabiliser bars, which increase stiffness by 26 percent at the front and 19 percent at the rear. The rear hubs and control-arm toe link bushings are also stiffer, further boosting responsiveness through the chassis.

Honda has also recalibrated the software controlling its Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® power unit, electric power steering, Vehicle Stability Assist system and the active magnetorheological dampers. The dampers now provide a ride and response that is even more comfortable in the NSX’s softest setting, while maintaining the stiffer set-up for higher speeds and on-track driving.

In combination with the revisions to the NSX’s chassis hardware and software, the 2019 NSX will be fitted as standard with the Continental SportContact 6 high-performance tyre. Developed exclusively for the NSX, they provide improved dynamic response and feedback during braking, cornering and acceleration – on both dry and wet roads.

Honda has made these changes to deliver a more responsive experience for the driver, as well as to provide greater stability and throttle-modulated controllability during on-the-limit track sessions. As an indicator of the improvements, the 2019 NSX is two seconds faster than the current model around the world-famous Suzuka circuit.

Powertrain updates for the 2019 model-year include upgraded injectors, enhancement to the heat response of the turbocharger, and a new particulate filter to ensure that the NSX complies with the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standards while maintaining its high level of performance.

Exterior upgrades are also part of the 2019 NSX revisions. The car can be specified in a new Thermal Orange Pearlescent paint colour, with the additional choice of orange calipers for the optional carbon-ceramic brake discs.

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