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Audi Q5 55 TFSI e quattro

The Audi Q5 55 TFSI e quattro is a plug-in hybrid with an electric range of over 26 miles and a top speed of 84mph in electric-only mode.

Available to order in the UK from the beginning of June, with first deliveries scheduled during quarter four of this year, the Audi Q5 55 TFSI e quattro will be priced at around £55,000.

The Audi Q5 55 TFSI e quattro combines a 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine producing 252PS and 370 Nm of torque with an electric motor. The permanently excited synchronous motor (PSM) has a peak output of 105 kW and peak torque of 350 Nm; it is integrated into the seven-speed S tronic with the separating clutch.

The hybrid SUV has an overall system output of 367PS and total torque of 500 Nm from just above idle (1,250 rpm). Acceleration from 0 to 62mph takes 5.3 seconds; top speed is 148mph. According to the standard for plug-in hybrid vehicles, combined fuel consumption according to the WLTP cycle is 113mpg, corresponding to 49 grammes CO2 per km. The 14.1 kWh/381 volt lithium-ion battery is located under the luggage compartment floor.

The Q5 55 TFSI e is the first time that the efficiency-optimised all-wheel drive with ultra technology is used in combination with an electric motor. At low loads and sufficient friction between the wheels and the road surface, the transmission of power to the rear wheels is deactivated. The drivetrain then functions with high efficiency as a front-wheel drive system. All-wheel drive is deactivated whenever it is not needed, but it remains available at all times.

The predictive efficiency assistant (PEA) adjusts coasting recuperation behaviour to the situation at hand, choosing predictively between freewheeling with the engine switched off and coasting recuperation, i.e. the recovery of kinetic energy and its conversion into electrical energy.

There are three driving modes. Hybrid mode is activated automatically together with route guidance in the navigation system. It can also be activated manually using the Mode button. In this mode, the battery charge is optimally distributed over the route to reduce fuel consumption, with primarily electric driving in urban areas and stop-and-go traffic. The system chooses between freewheeling with the engine switched off and coasting recuperation.

In EV mode, the base setting each time the vehicle is started, the car is driven exclusively electrically.

In Battery Hold mode, battery capacity is held at the current level.

The Audi Q5 55 TFSI e quattro is supplied as standard with the Compact charging system plus a Mode 3 cable with Type 2 plug for use at public charging stations. The Compact charging system comprises cables for household and industrial outlets plus a control unit.

The integrated charger charges the lithium ion battery with a maximum power of 7.4 kW. Even at a 220 V household outlet, an empty battery can be recharged overnight in around six hours.