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Zero emissions target set for UK for 2050

The Prime Minister has announced that the UK will set a Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions target into law, eradicating the country’s net contribution to climate change by 2050. The legislation will amend the 2008 Climate Change Act which set a target for an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (compared with 1990 levels).

The Government’s plans are a response to the Committee on Climate Change’s recent statement calling for a Net Zero 2050 target.

The Government says that the legislation will mean that the UK is on track to become the first G7 country to legislate for net zero emissions, with other major economies expected to follow suit. It says that the UK will conduct a further assessment within five years to confirm that other countries are taking similarly ambitious action, multiplying the effect of the UK’s lead and ensuring that our industries do not face unfair competition.

Responding to the announcement, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership’s (LowCVP) Managing Director Andy Eastlake said: “This is an important moment in terms of our national efforts to tackle climate change and one with international significance. The Climate Change Act has been the foundation of moves to decarbonise the UK economy and this shows that the Government is reaffirming its commitment and further strengthening reduction targets.

“But it’s vital that targets are backed by robust, practical and fair policies that can deliver the objectives. Climate change cannot be an optional extra, it must be front and centre when we’re developing policies in transport, as well as other key areas of the economy.

“Transport is one of the most challenging areas for decarbonisation (as the SMMT’s latest summary, published today shows) and has, so far, proved one of the most intractable. There are real signs of progress – in road transport at least – but much more must be done by Government and all other key stakeholders to ramp up progress and help ensure that the UK is, at least, amongst countries leading the world into a new green, clean industrial revolution.

“Delivering this ambitious new target for a new generation of mobility systems presents big challenges to every player in the transport arena; automotive, energy, government, fleets and, of course, consumers…but together we can – and must – develop, communicate and deliver the plan to get us to Net Zero”.

Perhaps this shows that important issues can actually be addressed when the Prime Minister’s focus isn’t taken up with Brexit 100% of the time.

From the LowCVP,pm-announces-that-uk-will-set-net-zero-emissions-target-in-law-lowcvp-response_3958.htm