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DriveElectric to handle EV leads for UK’s largest vehicle leasing company

Lex Autolease, a division of Lloyds Bank, is the UK’s largest vehicle leasing company and deals with nearly 400,000 vehicles. The company will now partner with Buckinghamshire-based DriveElectric who will handle EV leads and enquiries for Lex for fleets of fewer than 20 vehicles.

Since 2008 DriveElectric has become a leader in the electric car market, helping businesses and individuals alike transition to zero emission motoring. The partnership with Lex Autolease will see the electric vehicle specialist provide expert advice, personal service and the right electric vehicles for contract hire and personal contract hire to business customers looking to go electric.

Lex Autolease introduced the first mainstream plug-in vehicles to customer fleets early in 2011 and, through working with DriveElectric, will expand the offering to customers with both vehicles and the knowledge and support to assist in their transition to ultra-low emission vehicles.

Mike Potter, Managing Director and Founder at DriveElectric, said “DriveElectric has an established and thorough understanding of the electric vehicle market and energy propositions. We are a small expert company with an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of electric vehicles. The relationships our team has with manufacturers and suppliers in the industry are invaluable to business customers.

“This partnership is huge for DriveElectric and we are thrilled that Lex Autolease has chosen to partner with us. We passionately believe in supporting individuals and businesses make the transition to zero emission transport and energy and we are excited to be able to share this passion with Lex Autolease’s customers.

“Businesses now realise they have to be electric vehicle ready as the benefits of switching to electric company cars mean demand is rocketing. Working with Lex Autolease allows us to share our knowledge with over 1.2m customers. We will help customers understand how they can make electric vehicles work for them and their business, and how charging at home and the workplace really works. We’re keen to demystify a soon to be essential process for thousands of people and ensure clarity and growth of an electric vehicles future.”

With benefit in kind now reducing to 0% in 2020 employees can have a company car without paying anything each month in company car tax. Businesses and employees are increasing their demand for electric vehicles and the fleet sector has a key role to play in encouraging their high mileage drivers to switch to electric. The financial savings of switching to an electric company car are approximately £2,550 per year in fuel alone compared to a diesel or petrol equivalent mid-range SUV travelling 15,000 miles per year. 

DriveElectric will be arranging events for Lex customers, showcasing electric vehicles and providing expert advice to help businesses transition to electric as well as dealing with all Lex Autolease’s web enquiries for electric vehicles.