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Audi AI TRAIL quattro

Audi AI:TRAIL quattro

The Audi AI:TRAIL quattro is an electric off-roader concept being presented at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The AI:TRAIL has a target electric driving range of 248 to 310 miles on roads or easy off-road terrain (based on WLTP). On rough ground, the limit is 155 miles. In order to meet these requirements, the vehicle is designed to reach a maximum speed of 80mph on the road.

The Audi AI:TRAIL is equipped with four electric motors installed near the wheels, each of which propels one wheel directly. The maximum system output is 320 kilowatts and the maximum torque is 1,000 Nm.

The four-seater Audi AI:TRAIL quattro combines the capacity for automated driving with off-road capabilities.

The AI:TRAIL is equipped with four electric motors, systems for assisted and automated driving, and quattro permanent all-wheel drive. With a ground clearance of 34 centimetres, it can ford through water more than half a metre deep.

The electric drive system is arranged around the axles and the battery in the floor, so there is no need for overhanging sections or separate attachments for the motor or batteries.

The Audi AI:TRAIL is designed for automated driving on roads up to level 4 – the second-highest level on a standardized international scale for increasing automation. Although systems in this category do not require any assistance on the part of the driver, their function is limited to a specific area—such as highways or areas of inner cities equipped with suitable infrastructure. In these places, the driver can completely transfer the task of driving to the system. The driver needs to resume the task only when the car leaves the area defined for fully automated driving. The Audi AI:TRAIL is therefore equipped with the traditional steering wheel and pedals.

Although even unpaved dirt tracks and forest paths have been mapped extensively through digital cartography, the way in which their surfaces frequently erode makes them too variable to allow their limits and any damage to be digitalized for automated driving reliably and for any extended period. Automated driving in the reduced-speed level 3 range can therefore be possible on dirt roads only in exceptional cases and at low speeds. In these situations, the driver will have several seconds to take over. 

The Audi AI:TRAIL quattro is one of four use case vehicles projecting Vorsprung durch Technik into the future — the Audi Aicon, AI:ME, AI:RACE and AI:TRAIL are on show together on the Audi stand.

The Audi Aicon was shown at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. An electric super sports car designed for the race track, the Audi PB18 e-tron, made its debut in Pebble Beach in 2018; it is now known as the AI:RACE. The third in the series, the Audi AI:ME – introduced at the 2019 Auto Shanghai show – is an autonomous city car aimed at megacities all over the world.