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Mercedes-Benz EQA

Mercedes-Benz EQA with quoted NEDC electric range of 301 miles

The Mercedes-Benz EQA has been unveiled and the company is quoting an electric range of 301 miles, but this is based on the old NEDC test rather than the new, more accurate WLTP test.

Prices in Germany start at 47,540 euros; UK pricing and specification will be announced within the next few weeks with first UK deliveries arriving in Spring 2021.

The EQA – based on the Mercedes-Benz GLA – is being launched as the EQA 250 with 140 kW [190hp], a 66.5 kWh battery and a range according to NEDC (ie. not WLTP) of 301 miles. Further variants will follow including all-wheel-drive models with an ‘additional electric powertrain (eATS)’ and an output of 200 kW or more, and a version with a range of more than 310 miles based on the new WLTP test.

Aerodynamic features include the completely closed cooling air control system in the upper section, the aerodynamically efficient front and rear aprons, a very smooth, almost completely enclosed underbody, specially optimised Aero wheels and specifically adapted front and rear wheel spoilers.

The heat pump means that the waste heat from the electric powertrain can be used to heat the passenger compartment. This reduces drastically the draw on battery power for the heating system, thus increasing the range.

The towing capacity (unbraked/ braked) of the EQA 250 is 750 kilograms; the all-wheel-drive models will offer a higher towing capacity.

Navigation with Electric Intelligence calculates the route that will get drivers to their destination fastest, taking into account charging times.

With Mercedes me Charge, customers have access to what is currently the world’s biggest charging network, comprised of more than 450,000 AC and DC charging points across 31 countries. Mercedes me Charge allows customers convenient use of the charging stations of various providers, even when travelling abroad. By registering just once, they can benefit from an integrated payment function with a simple billing process.

The new EQA is being built in Rastatt (Germany) and Beijing (China).

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