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Nissan new EVs

Nissan to launch 15 new EVs by 2030

Nissan has unveiled four new concept models including the ‘Chill-Out’, a next-generation crossover EV concept, as well as ‘Max-Out’, ‘Surf-Out’ and ‘Hang-Out’. The new EVs will feature solid-state battery (ASSB) technology.

The Nissan Max-Out is a lightweight two-seater convertible concept. The Nissan Surf-Out concept is a pick-up that aims to offer off-road performance. The Nissan Hang-Out concept has a completely flat floor and ‘theatre-like’ seating

These EVs are part of a plan for Nissan to launch 15 new EVs by 2030, with an investment of 2 trillion yen over the next five years.

Nissan will localise manufacturing and sourcing – with the UK taking a key role – but also establish a global battery supply system. Working with its partners, the company intends to increase its global battery production capacity to 52 GWh by 2026, and 130 GWh by 2030.

The company will also continue to evolve its lithium-ion battery technologies and introduce cobalt-free technology to bring down the cost by 65% by 2028.

Nissan aims to launch EVs with its proprietary all-solid-state batteries (ASSB) by 2028 and ready a pilot plant in Yokohama as early as 2024.

By reducing charging time to one-third, ASSBs will make EVs more efficient and accessible. Nissan expects ASSB to bring the cost of battery packs down to $75 per kWh by 2028 and aims to bring it further down to $65 per kWh to achieve cost parity between EV and petrol vehicles.