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BMW i7

BMW i7

The all-electric BMW i7 luxury saloon will be launched in 2022, with winter testing currently being conducted in Sweden.

Suspension components, together with steering, braking and vehicle stability systems that are being developed for the BMW i7 are being evaluated.

Lapland’s frozen lakes with their low friction provide the opportunity for development of the steering, Dynamic Stability Control system (DSC) and deceleration by means of energy recuperation. 

The intensive winter testing programme also focuses on the components of the all-electric drive system. The BMW i7’s electric drive, high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology all originate from the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, which already features in the BMW iX. Specifically, the motor, the battery and the temperature control system of the BMW i7 are being tested.

The BMW i7 is based on the same vehicle concept as all further model variants of the BMW 7 Series.