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Lotus Eletre

Lotus Eletre Electric SUV

The Lotus Eletre is described as an all-electric Hyper-SUV, with power outputs starting at 600hp, a 350kW charge time of just 20 minutes for 248 miles, a target driving range of around 373 miles and a 0-62mph time of less than three seconds. Manufacturing of the Lotus Eletre will start in Wuhan, China later this year.

The Eletre is Lotus’ first five-door production car, the first model outside sports car segments, the first lifestyle EV, and the most ‘connected’ Lotus ever.

The Eletre is 4WD, has a battery capacity that’s over 100kWh and with power from 600hp. A 350kW charger will deliver a 248-mile range in just 20 minutes. The car’s target maximum WLTP driving range is around 373 miles.

Technology includes the most advanced active aerodynamics package on any production SUV, and intelligent driving technologies such as the world’s first deployable Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system in a production car.

The Eletre is built on Lotus’ all-new Electric Premium Architecture (EPA), which can easily adapt to accommodate C+ to E+ vehicle class battery sizes, motors, component layouts and intelligent driving technologies.

The Eletre is built on an all-new 800v dedicated electric vehicle architecture with integrated, high-voltage power distribution system. There are two electric motors, one driving the front wheels and another driving the rear wheels.

The car comes with four drive modes, which adjust the steering, damper settings, powertrain and accelerator pedal response. The modes are Range, Tour, Sport, Off-Road and Individual, and are standard on all versions of the car.

Active ride height, active rear axle steering, an active anti-roll bar and torque vectoring via braking are all available.

Air flows through the car as well as under, over and around it. Air is channelled under the leading edge of the car, emerging through two exit vents in the bonnet above, resulting in less resistance in cutting through the air, delivering improved vehicle range, speed and performance.

The Eletre has an active front grille which remains closed when the car is at rest or when there’s a need to reduce drag during driving. It opens to feed air into the radiator, allowing the Eletre to ‘breathe’ when cooling of the electric motors, battery pack and front brakes is required. 

Each door mirror is replaced by an Electric Reverse Mirror Display (ERMD), which houses three different cameras – one for the rear-view mirror, a second to help create a 360-degree view of the car from above to aid parking, and a third that’s part of the intelligent driving technologies. It works in tandem with the Eletre’s LIDAR system to deliver autonomous driving capability. 

The Eletre is available with four individual seats or a more traditional five-seat layout.

The Lotus Eletre is on sale now across global markets, with first customer deliveries in 2023 starting in China, the UK and Europe. No prices confirmed yet…