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Experience the new electric Carver S+ at CleevelyEV Cheltenham

Experience the new electric Carver S+ at CleevelyEV Cheltenham

Commuters and businesses are now able to experience the fun of the new 50mph electric Carver three-wheeled scooter at CleevelyEV, by appointment.

The Carver can travel 60 miles for less than 55 pence of electricity using Octopus Energy Octopus Go 7.5 pence/kWh rate. It can transport two people, or one person plus cargo. Approximately one metre wide, it can nip through gaps in traffic, yet, with three wheels, it offers levels of stability not possible with a two-wheeled scooter. The occupants are protected from the weather thanks to a windscreen, roof and doors, and there’s no need to wear a helmet. The Carver has a steering wheel, automatic gears and a patented tilting mechanism, resulting in it being huge fun to drive. The Carver base price starts at £9,158 excluding VAT.

The new Carver S+ model has a top speed of 50mph, and the new Carver R+ model has a driving range of 80 miles. Both versions are available as a two-seater, or as a Cargo version which has 500 litres of storage space, making it ideal for businesses.

The Carver’s electric powertrain means there are no tailpipe emissions impacting on local air quality or climate change. The Carver is exempt from London’s Ultra Low Emission ULEZ charge (£12.50 per day) and the Congestion Charge zone for non-compliant vehicles (£15 per day). Both charges over 364 days of the year would total £10,010. The Carver will also be exempt from charges in the increasing number of Clean Air Zones that are due to be introduced across the UK. It can also use bus lanes in London and elsewhere, and it can usually park for free depending on the Borough.

The Carver is available for sale – along with maintenance and repairs – from CleevelyEV Cheltenham. CleevelyEV offers electric vehicle sales and servicing, and has mobile mechanics throughout the UK.

Matt Cleevely from CleevelyEV comments: “At CleevelyEV our goal is to promote zero-emission forms of transportation. We agree with the Carver philosophy that commuting is clogging-up and poisoning our towns and cities and typically there are just one or two people in a car. The Carver is an ideal commuter or final-mile delivery solution and we are proud to be a dealer for the brand – and to use Carvers ourselves.”

William Keene, Carver Electric, adds: “We are delighted that CleevelyEV will offer a complete sales, maintenance and repair package with their mobile mechanics throughout the UK, making them the go-to destination to acquire a Carver, an affordable EV with very low running costs for an urban two-person vehicle.”

“We are looking to create more Carver dealerships providing sales, maintenance and repairs across the UK with experienced mechanics. Carver Europe has created an online training programme that allows UK mechanics to become Carver Technicians for £99 per course. The calibration equipment for maintenance and repairs costs £1,300 plus VAT.”

“With rising fuel costs, concern over local air quality, worries about climate change, and worsening congestion in our cities, there has never been a better time to buy an electric Carver. With a two-seater model that’s perfect for commuting, and a Cargo version that’s ideal for last-mile deliveries, the three-wheel Carver promises huge savings on running costs.” 

To register for a test drive of the Carver at CleevelyEV, email the sales director at: or complete the customer contact form here:

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