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Vauxhall Corsa Electric 2024


Let’s take a moment to applaud our friends at Vauxhall, as their flagship Corsa model continues to dominate the UK’s supermini segment in 2024. The Corsa Electric has emerged as the best-selling electric supermini, reinforcing Vauxhall’s commitment to electrification.

May proved to be a stellar month for Vauxhall, with the Corsa securing its position as the top B-Hatch segment vehicle, boasting 2,661 units sold. The Corsa Electric further solidified its market dominance with 1,717 registrations year-to-date, making it the preferred choice for eco-conscious supermini buyers.

Vauxhall are also dominating the LCV market

Vauxhall’s prowess extends beyond passenger vehicles, with a significant surge in van sales. The brand’s van sales volume soared by 21.5% compared to May of the previous year, and an impressive 15% year-to-date increase in a market that has grown by 7%. This achievement places Vauxhall as the third best-selling LCV (light commercial vehicle) manufacturer in the UK for the year, with 14,011 registrations.

The brand’s share of the LCV market climbed by 1.25 percentage points in May, reaching 8.08%, and its year-to-date market share now stands at 9.46%, an increase of 0.63 percentage points. These figures underscore Vauxhall’s growing influence and success in the LCV sector.

In addition to this, Vauxhall is currently offering an enticing incentive for LCV purchases. Leveraging the Government’s Plug-in Van Grant (PIVG) programme, Vauxhall’s electric van range becomes more accessible to consumers. Models such as the Combo-e, Vivaro-e, and Movano-e are eligible for this grant, effectively reducing the purchase cost by up to 35%, with a maximum of £2,500 for smaller vans and £5,000 for larger ones.

Vauxhall’s commitment to going electric

Vauxhall’s success in the electric vehicle market is no accident. The company has invested heavily in its EV department, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and accessibility. Their goal is not just to participate in the electric revolution but to lead it. The development of the Corsa Electric is a testament to this vision, offering an affordable yet high-performing electric supermini that appeals to a broad audience.

Beyond the Corsa Electric, Vauxhall’s EV lineup is set to expand significantly. By the end of 2024, every Vauxhall car and van will be available in a fully electric version, reflecting the brand’s unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. This includes not only passenger cars but also commercial vehicles, ensuring that businesses can also benefit from the efficiency and environmental advantages of electric power.

James Taylor, Vauxhall’s Managing Director, expressed his pride in the brand’s growth and future plans. He highlighted Vauxhall’s commitment to innovation, practicality, and popularity in vehicle production. Taylor praised the Corsa Electric for leading the way in the supermini electric segment and affirmed Vauxhall’s dedication to providing more accessible electric vehicles.

Vauxhall’s EV department focuses on cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions to reduce vehicle carbon footprint while ensuring high performance and reliability. This approach resonates with both individual consumers and businesses seeking dependable, eco-friendly commercial vehicles.

As Vauxhall moves towards an all-electric future, it remains dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable transportation solutions. With an expanding EV lineup and ongoing commitment to excellence, Vauxhall is poised to maintain its leadership in the UK’s electric vehicle market.