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Fully Charged 2024 EV Survey shows 99% would recommend EVs

The Fully Charged Show’s latest survey shows that 99% of BEV (battery electric vehicle) owners/drivers would recommend them and 93% would not switch back to ICEV (internal combustion engine vehicles).

Also, 95% believe the mainstream media is not portraying their lived experience fairly, and 92% believe that governments are not doing enough to accelerate BEV sales.

Founded in 2010, by actor, author and presenter Robert Llewellyn, the Fully Charged Show has been covering electric cars for more than 14 years. In that time, it has accumulated more than 200 million views globally; additionally, since 2018, it has produced 15 exhibitions around the world, and has delivered more than 100,000 electric test drives; creating an enormous community of repeat and imminent buyers of BEVs and cleantech.

Having surveyed its audience regularly in recent years, the latest survey (late-June 2024) was the most detailed study of BEV (battery electric vehicle) drivers attitudes so far, with more than 30 questions. Overall, this latest survey reinforced findings from other surveys from reputable third parties – Zapmap, EVA England – that showed that more than 9 out of 10 BEV owners/drivers do not intend to return to ICEV (internal combustion engine vehicles), and highlights frustrations with governments and mainstream media.

Dan Caesar, CEO of the Fully Charged Show Ltd had this to say: “We’ve been witness to a surge in anti-EV misinformation over the last 18 months, nevertheless battery electric vehicle sales globally continue to grow, and when those that purchase them experience them for themselves, the vast majority are very unlikely to return to combustion-powered vehicles. While the economics, politics and misinformation in some regions, have undoubtedly given some consumers pause for thought, the fact remains that once people try and then buy BEVs, they almost unanimously believe them to be better than what has come before. This certainty, and the arrival at last of more affordable new and used battery electric vehicles, ensures that this sector is only set to grow and grow. Having covered electric cars for 14 years on YouTube (Fully Charged Show), and for 6 years of events with 100,000+ test drives (Everything Electric global exhibitions), our understanding of the technologies and their uptake, gives us complete confidence that battery electric vehicles will overtake all other fuel types in the coming years.”


• 8,867 responses from BEV owners/drivers from the UK, North America, Australia, Europe & the rest of the world

• Age ranges – under 18 0.08% | 19-24 0.51% | 25-34 6.04% | 35-44 17.45% | 45-54 26.47% | 55-64 27.27% | 65-74 18.19% | 75 and over 3.99%

• “Out of 10, how satisfied are you with your current primary BEV (battery electric vehicle)?” On average MORE THAN 9 out of 10

• “Would you ever switch back from BEV (battery electric vehicle) to an ICEV (internal combustion engine vehicle)?” NO 93.71%, rising to 95.82% for Tesla drivers, and 97.79% of BEV drivers in Queensland, Australia

• “Would you recommend a BEV (battery electric vehicle) if asked?” YES 99.06%

• “Is the mainstream media portrayal of BEVs (battery electric vehicles) a fair reflection of your lived experience of ‘owning’ one?” NO 95.02%, with the highest percentage in the UK (95.73%) and the lowest percentage in California, USA (86.34%)

• “Do you believe that national governments are doing enough to accelerate the switch to BEVs (battery electric vehicles)?” NO 92.92%, with the highest percentage in the UK (95.37%), and the lowest percentage in British Columbia, Canada (81.43%)

• “Did you ‘buy’ your current primary BEV (battery electric vehicle) through your work/business/company?” YES 18.23%, NO 81.77%

• In what year did you ‘buy’ your first BEV (battery electric vehicle)? 2024 (to June) 15.92% | 2023 29.57% | 2022 22.26% | 2021 14.12% | 2020 7.60% | 2019 5.23% | 2018 or earlier 5.28%

• “Do you have the ability to charge your BEV (battery electric vehicle’ at home?” YES 91.59%, NO 8.41%

• “Has your switch to BEVs (battery electric vehicles) seen you switch away from a brand you historically preferred?” YES 58.80%, NO 41.20%

• “Is the new brand now your preferred brand?” YES 54.60%, NO 45.40%

• Biggest three positively impacted by brand conquests – Tesla 31.4%, KIA 9.1%, Hyundai 8.3% | Biggest three negatively impacted by brand conquests – Toyota -10.4%, VW -8.4%, Ford -7.9%

• “Do you currently ‘own’ more than one BEV (battery EV)?” NO 77.42%, YES x2 20.40%, YES x3 1.60%, YES x4 0.40%, YES x5 0.17%

• “Would you have any objection to ‘buying’ a car that is either made in China, or made by a Chinese manufacturer?” YES 19.89%, NO 80.11% with the highest objection in Europe (37.07%), and the lowest objection in Queensland, Australia (9.59%)

• “Has your ‘ownership’ of a BEV (battery electric vehicle) made you more likely to invest in home energy technology (e.g. solar, battery, electrification of heating/cooling etc)?” YES 86.34%

• Are you aware of our Everything Electric expos? 95.24% | Fully Charged SHOW? 98.42% | Everything Electric SHOW? 85.31% | Stop Burning Stuff campaign 81.84%

About Fully Charged SHOW/Everything Electric

Fully Charged SHOW is ‘the World’s No.1 Home Energy & Electric Vehicle channel’ hosted by actor, author and presenter Robert Llewellyn, as well as Helen Czerski, Jack Scarlett, Elliot Richards, Imogen Bhogal, Ricky Roy, Simone Annan & Dan Caesar. After more than a decade, the Fully Charged YouTube SHOW has amassed a highly engaged, global audience in excess of 4 million consumers, and more than 200 million views. Fully Charged exists to educate, encourage, and explain to its viewers that almost all of the energy that the world demands can and should, come from ‘cleaner’ sources, like solar, wind and energy storage. In short, to inspire people to ‘STOP BURNING STUFF’.

Fully Charged LIVE has been run in the UK since 2018 and this year has re-branded as Everything Electric in 2024. Now with 5 global shows this year, beginning with a hugely successful show in Sydney in February which attracted over 17,000 attendees. This was followed by the biggest launch event to date in London in March with over 22,000 attendees and a second year in Harrogate in May with over 16,000 attendees. Next up is Vancouver (6-8 September) then Farnborough (11-13 October). The show boasts the broadest spectrum of electric vehicles and clean energy exhibits anywhere in the world.