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Career Options in the Green Automotive Industry

Green jobs in the automotive industry include the sales, repair, and production of hybrid and electric vehicles. However, the good thing is that most of these positions in this specialised industry are eco-friendly and have given birth to more innovations to help develop a safer and healthier environment. Moreover, as the hybrid and electric car industries grow, it is easier to find exciting green automotive industry jobs you can do.

Undoubtedly, you can explore a wide variety of career options in the green automotive industry. Let’s explore more.

Jobs That You Can Do in the Green Automotive Industry

Electric vehicles are some of the innovations aimed at making the environment safer. They are powered by electricity and electric motors instead of traditional fossil fuels. In addition, they are cheaper to maintain, easier to use, and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

People tend to think that electric car production started a few years ago. However, it has been around for over two decades. During the years, there have been improvements and innovations made. Today, people are embracing the use of electric vehicles more, which has opened the door for some rewarding career streams you can explore.

Below are some jobs you can explore in the green automotive industry:

Auto Sales

One of the most straightforward and apparent careers in the green automotive industry is the sale of electric cars. Retailers and sales managers provide and manage a store where people can buy their electric cars. They also provide people with knowledge about the vehicles to aid their sales. They serve as middlemen between the producers and the consumers.

Specific training or degree is not required to enter electric car auto sales. However, a good knowledge of electric cars, the industry in general, and experience in sales are necessary. A salesperson can earn an average of $36,000 in a year in the U.S.

Auto Mechanic

Every car needs maintenance and repairs. Although electric cars differ from standard cars, they still need regular maintenance. They must be repaired in case of any fault.

An electric car auto-mechanic inspects, repairs, and changes faulty parts of electric cars. Auto-mechanics can earn up to $30,000 in a month in the U.S. However, this wage differs by location, qualification, and employer. You can get trained and make a career as an auto-mechanic for electric vehicles by learning from experienced professionals in the field.


Engineers leverage their knowledge of physics and mathematics to design and develop electric cars. They bridge the link between scientific research and commercial application.

Engineers needed to work on an electric car include chemical, electrical, mechanical, electronics, commercial and industrial engineers. Most of their work is done in offices and laboratories. However, they must often visit the workshop to test what they have been developing.

Mechanical engineers design, develop and test the car’s tools and mechanical components. In the same vein, electrical and electronics engineers develop, design, and test the electrical components of vehicles. Chemical engineers apply their knowledge of chemistry to ensure that chemical components like batteries are well and functionally produced.

Industrial engineers bring the work of other engineers together. They are responsible for the car’s overall look, style, quality, safety, and functionality.

An engineering degree is often necessary to get most engineering jobs. On top of that, the work experience gained through internship and post-graduate research is crucial to landing engineering jobs. However, the good news is that all the hard work pays.

Engineers are the most sought-after in the automotive industry. Engineers in the green automotive industry in the U.S. earn between $60,000 to $100,000, excluding other benefits.

Engineering Technician

Engineering technicians assist engineers in solving technical problems in their research, development, and designs. They build and prepare equipment, collect data, make prototypes, calculate results, and document research and developments.

Some mechanical drafters prepare an extensive detailed drawing of how the produced parts should be assembled. The technicians help bring the jobs of the engineers to life. However, as opposed to what people may think, technicians need a lot of knowledge to understand the task ahead of them. They work together with the engineers throughout the processes of designing and manufacturing. This gives them enough ability to carry out their duties later on. Engineering technicians in the U.S. earn over $50,000 on an average per annum.

Software Developers

The world is computer-based now. Automobiles are not left out of the fast-growing IT world. Software developers are the professionals responsible for designing and creating software for making the car run.

You need a degree in IT to become a software engineer. Additional pieces of training are also required to level up their employability. Careers in IT are very lucrative, and automotive software engineers are not left out of the goodies. They earn over $90,000 yearly.


Electric cars use electricity to run instead of fuel, so electricians are needed to build and maintain charging ports for electric cars.

However, you should be well-trained to pursue a career as an electric vehicle electrician. You can get the training by obtaining a university degree. You can also train in a vocational institute or as an apprentice. Electricians earn up to $40,000 per annum in the U.S.

Urban and Regional Planners

Urban and Regional Planners work in building and construction, however they are also required in the automobile industry. Urban and Regional Planners help design assembling plants and charging ports.


The development of electric cars is not complete without their use. The major end-user of the products are the drivers. You can make a career by driving electric vehicles. You can be test-drivers for the green automotive companies or drive green commercial vehicles.


If you love cars and are keen on innovative technology, pursuing an automotive-related career can be a great way to apply what you love to your job. Careers related to the green automotive industries are expected to have consistent growth. For example, it’s estimated that the number of electric vehicles will grow by 30% in 2030. So now is an excellent time to invest in a career related to the green automotive industry and build a network around it.