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Complete Guide to Vehicle Trackers for Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are smooth to drive, cheap to run and produce zero emissions. The UK is one of the most popular markets for EVs. With environmental concerns and emissions regulations coming into play, the growing trend towards electric cars results in more and more being released into the market.

With an estimated 400,000 electric cars registered in the UK as of January 2022, and with a 2% share in the market of either Pure EV or Plug-in Hybrid models in December 2021, the electric car industry is set to grow, being around 20% of all sales in 2026, and there is a growing interest from owners who want to understand how they can keep their EV safe.

Trackers for Electric Vehicles (Including EVs and Hybrids)

A car tracker works via satellite, accurately pinpointing the location as it bounces back signals using GPS. They can be added to any vehicle, whether electric or non-powered moving items, such as caravans.

A GPS tracker may be the most common, but there is a higher class of technology named VHF (Very High Frequency) – a patented system that can penetrate walls, metal, and even detect vehicles when underground. They are an ideal alternative as a GPS tracker struggles in shipping containers, garages, and car parks, and can be easily jammed. Category S5 trackers provide the highest category of Thatcham approved tracking devices.

Some systems include anti-jamming technology and send out security alerts to an owner if a unit is being meddled with.

Will a Tracker Drain the Car Battery?

An integrated tracker combined with modern technology means they use very little energy. There may have been a case in the past, but nowadays a tracker is not likely to drain the cars battery.

Benefits of Car Trackers on Electric Cars:

  1. Avoid Keyless Car Stealing – When a car is being stolen, the owner is notified if it leaves a pre-defined area.
  2. Lower Insurance Premiums – With more insurance providers willing to insure you if a tracker is installed.
  3. Monitor a Vehicles Health – Signalling to owners of any fault codes, reducing garage fees to find the issue, and prevent breakdowns.
  4. Higher Chance of Finding the Vehicle – In a theft it is difficult for the police to find a car without a tracker using only number plate recognition and tips from the public.

Are Insurance Premiums Higher For Electric Cars?

Electric cars are quiet and refined to drive. Unfortunately, this means they can be vulnerable to car theft. With electric cars being more expensive than petrol or diesel equivalents and with keyless entry technology, they are also heavily targeted. They are predicted to have higher premiums as they grow in popularity. Having Thatcham approved security onboard may help keep your insurance premiums low.