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Disabled Motorists and Eco-Friendly Cars

Citroën E-Berlingo Multispace

There have been many fantastic strides in the eco-friendly car market within the last few years. This is down to the healthy competition and major manufacturers competing to develop green technologies, as well as vehicles which are comfortable, stylish and packed full of great tech and features.

Adapted Automobiles

Another car market that is rapidly expanding is the adapted vehicles for disabled motorists market. Many brilliant modifications and adaptations can be made to allow disabled individuals to safely, comfortably and confidently get behind the wheel. So, is there any crossover here where disabled motorists are able to drive high-tech green cars?

Adapted Eco-Friendly Cars

Whilst there are not as many adapted eco-friendly cars as there are standard vehicles, it is an area that looks set to improve in the near future. Currently, there are a limited number of electric vehicles that can be used by those with a disability. To find these, it is best to speak to specialists, such as Allied Mobility. However, electric cars can be much easier to operate than regular vehicles – this means that, depending on the disability, they may find it possible to drive one of these cars and not require an adapted one.

The Future

With the public becoming more eco-conscious, many already making the shift to electric or hybrid, helped by government incentives such as tax exemption, it is easy to see green vehicles dominating the roads very soon. As this happens, it is highly likely that more and more manufacturers will begin developing eco-friendly adapted cars that make it simple and easy for disabled individuals to join the green movement. This is important, as it is the responsibility of everybody on the planet to reduce their carbon footprint.

Not only this, but it is important because an increasing number of disabled individuals are joining other motorists on the road – this is due to the excellent advances in technology, where features such as hand controlled acceleration and braking and joystick steering are possible. With more cars on the road, it is vital that we look for ways to reduce damage to the environment and electric cars are a fantastic solution to this problem.

Whilst it is possible for those with a disability to find green vehicles, the future looks even brighter for both the green automobile and adapted vehicles industries, when every motorist will have the ability to easily find a stylish, comfortable, easy-to-drive and high-tech electric car.