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Five Common Misconceptions About Electric Cars

If you’re thinking about purchasing an EV, you might have been put off by some of the myths and misconceptions floating around. Here are some that you need to be aware of.

They’re Expensive 

A common misconception about hybrids and EVs is that they are more expensive than regular vehicles. While this used to be the case, reports have revealed that battery costs are expected to drop by quite a lot over the next few years. As well as this, if you live in certain places like the US, then you might be able to benefit from things like a tax credit. You should definitely expect more opportunities like this in the future as the UK governmentstarts to make a massive push to help people embrace these vehicles and save the planet.

They Don’t Go Far At All 

Again, this is now a problem of the past. While it’s true, EVs, in particular, used to have low range, these vehicles can now rival top petrol and diesel cars in this area. Indeed, the new Tesla Roadster will easily do 620 miles on one charge. That could theoretically mean that it can handle a full week of commutes and travels without breaking a sweat. This is just one more sign that these are the cars of the future and have now surpassed the vehicles that they will certainly replace.

They Are More Expensive To Repair And Maintain 

It’s possible that you have heard EVs are more difficult and expensive to repair. We’re delighted to say that this just isn’t the case. Instead, the reality is that these vehicles will run for far longer than the typical ICE-powered vehicles. They don’t require some of the maintenance work that will be necessary for these vehicles either. This includes oil changes and tune ups. While these cars can fail, they can actually last for years without showing any signs of wear or tear.

They Are More Difficult To Drive 

On the contrary, EVs and hybrids are just as easy to drive as regular vehicles. Indeed, if you take driving lessons you might find that your instructor is using an EV to gain the benefits that they do provide. The only issue that some people have at first is refuelling. However, most EVs are designed to ensure that this process is as user friendly as possible. As such, you won’t have to worry about getting lost here and after a few recharges it will be as easy as riding a bike. Some people are worried that when they buy an EV, it’s going to be difficult to find a charging point. However, these are becoming a lot more common.

The Power Grid Can’t Sustain These Vehicles

Finally, some people fear that power plants won’t be able to provide the power needed to sustain the use of these cars if they do become as popular as governments want. However, this is a misconception and research shows that the current power system will be able to sustain these vehicles.