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Toyota Prius

Four Hybrid Cars that Won’t Break the Bank

Toyota Prius

For those of us who want to make driving as environmentally friendly as possible, hybrid cars can seem like a great idea, but there’s one problem with investing in them, and it’s a big one: they’re often very expensive. Although we love the thought of driving around in a vehicle that does the most minimal amount of damage possible, we don’t all have a large enough pay cheque to invest in one.

Or do we? If price is a priority but you still want to keep an eye on your carbon footprint, the four cars below could be the answer to your problems…

#1: Toyota Prius

Prius is to ‘hybrid’ as Kleenex is to ‘tissues’, so when you decide to purchase one, you know you’re investing in the best of the best. A proven performer since its launch, it has only recently undergone a revision, and is not only the best-selling hybrid in its class, but also tops the charts for miles per gallon too. Pleasantly roomy inside, it will provide you with a comfortable drive and a top-notch experience.

#2: Honda Civic Hybrid

Next on our shortlist is the Honda Civic Hybrid: a well-equipped and efficient driving experience. Although it’s not a full hybrid, in that it can’t be powered by electric alone, it can be very economical if driven carefully – and Honda has an excellent reliability record.

#3: Lexus CT 200h

The Lexus CT 200h aims to offer the efficiency of the Prius powertrain in a more premium package. So if you want the benefits of a hybrid in terms of emissions that have a lower impact on both local air quality and CO2, as well as lower running costs, but you’d prefer a Lexus rather than a Toyota badge, the CT 200h could be the one for you.

#4: Honda CR-Z

If you’re looking for something with a really low price tag, let us also recommend the Honda CR-Z. Offering a combination of sportiness, economy, and cost-effectiveness, it’s the only hybrid on this list that offers manual transmission. It has the added bonus of being both a capable performer and sporty to look at.

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