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How to improve your Tesla’s energy efficiency and security

The Tesla brand stands for innovation, safety and cutting-edge technology. But to people who care for their surroundings, it also signifies environmental consciousness. When these individuals decide to tint their Tesla’s windows, they are not only making a style statement but equally considering how it can decrease the need for air conditioning and improve energy efficiency. Though it is clear that tinting the windows is a wise choice, how do you go about choosing the right tint? Here is some guidance on the matter.

Selecting a Tesla Window Tinting Specialist for Greater Results

Whether you own a Tesla Model 3, S, X or Y, when you decide to tint your car windows, your first move should be to look for a Tesla window tinting specialist. Each car company has its unique way of designing their windows, so particular considerations may be necessary when it comes to tinting. For Tesla vehicles specifically, it’s crucial to understand that they include frameless windows, requiring special care during the tinting process. This is something a Tesla window tinting expert will be familiar with and prepared for.

In addition, they can offer the most accurate recommendations regarding the tint level for optimal protection. They will also be knowledgeable about the statutory limits for tinting in the area where the car is registered. This limit is determined by the VLT percentage (Visible Light Transmission) which indicates the amount of light that goes through the tint. It can vary between front-side, back-side and rear windows. Naturally, you can discuss your personal preferences with them, so that these specialists can then proceed according to your expectations.

What are the Benefits of finding the Right Tint for Your Tesla?

Two of the most common reasons for tinting car windows are a desire for privacy and to increase security. This process effectively reduces the likelihood of theft and vandalism by minimising the view into the car and concealing any valuable or attractive objects. But there are other environmentally friendly advantages that should be taken in account.

Heat Rejection and Energy Efficiency

During warm summer days, the sunrays can rapidly make the interior of a car feel like an oven. However, infrared rejection window tint can be of assistance by blocking a significant percentage of the infrared heat from entering. This reduces the need for air conditioning which translates into more sustainable consumption of fuel and less greenhouse gas emissions. It ultimately helps to preserve the environment. In this perspective, choosing a darker tint may be a conscious choice.

Protection of Interior Components

It is established that sunlight causes deterioration to the interior surfaces of a car. By tinting the windows, Tesla owners can benefit from a better-looking interior for years to come. In regards to the environment, it postpones or even eliminates the need for replacement of interior components, therefore improving our environment by reducing consumption. Again, the selection of a more pronounced tint may play a part in helping the interior remain intact for a longer period of time.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that any tint will be helpful to the longevity of the car, while adding a level of privacy and security for its owners. It should be noted that as green drivers, the choice of tinting the windows of our Tesla will also be an environmentally friendly decision.